Saturday, December 25, 2010

Assist Hook

Assist hook penting untuk kaedah pancingan jigging. Pelbagai teknik dan rupa bentuk assist hook yang di gunakan oleh kaki jigging. Itu semua bergantung dengan situasi serta ikan sasaran dan kesesuaian di pasang pada jig.

Di sini aku ada bebrapa tips dari pengeluar mata kail jigging terkenal iaiatu Gamakatsu.

A. Tuned Assist HD
This new addition to our Assist hook line up is for the deep jigging, big fish specialist. They heavy duty hook is specially designed for this use comes in a tow sizes, 8/0 with 270 lb. braided line, and 10/0 with 300 lb. braided line. Both feature a solid ring at the top for easy and secure attachment to the jig.

B. Steel Assist With Magic Eye Swivel
Don’t sacrifice your favorite jig to toothy fish like Wahoo and Mackerel. This Assist Hook features our Magic Eye Swivel for the fast and easy attachment to the split ring on any jig. No pliers needed. 90 Lb. wire and a 4 x Strong Straight Eye Octopus hook make this the ultimate big game, toothy fish Assist Hook. Comes in 3/0 short version and 5/0 long version for the bigger jigs.

C. Assist 510
The Assist 510 features a curved point with an out barb that will not nick the leader if it were to catch the line. No vertical jig should be fished without one. The super strong braided line loop easily attached to any jig. One of the first Assist hooks introduce in the US and still the best designed. Sizes: 1 – 4/0.

D. Magnum Assist
Featuring a 200 lb. braided line loop and our 4 x Strong Octopus hook in 8/0 and 10/0. The Magnum Assist is perfect for lager Halibut Jigs and deep drop speed jigs.

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